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The mission of BJ’s Proofing and Editing is to assist learners of all ages in organizing, structuring, and editing their writing to meet the scholarly standards of their facility.

BJ’s Proofing and Editing will work to assist learners in strategizing academic writing goals and completing the academic writing process successfully.

Editor’s Credentials:  Dr. Brenda Washington has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management from Florida International University, Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Florida Atlantic University; Master’s degree in Post-Secondary Adult Education and Doctoral degree in Reading and Literacy from Capella University.

Since 2014 worked as a Writing Coach for Capella University.  As a Writing Coach assists doctoral and masters’ learners in enhancing their writing to acceptable academic and scholarly writing requirements.  At Capella, I used APA style formatting and other resources to address grammar and writing concerns. Worked as a financial aid advisor for 15 years and 2 years as an academic advisor and 1 year as an enrollment officer at Broward College.  Developed a non-profit GED study program for Hallandale Beach Church of Christ and worked a semester as a writing instructor.

Also the writing coach of learners ranging from 2nd grade through 12th grade over the past 10 years, at Hallandale Beach Church of Christ,  who participated in a competition at Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes.

How I Began

BJ’s Proofing and Editing is the culmination of my struggles from the bachelor’s degree to the doctorate degree.  Skills developed through practical application and as a writing coach assisting other graduate learners.

Reading and writing are the influences in and of my life.  The influence to write better began, in a little elementary classroom, with grammar tips such as, “i” before “e” except after “c”. The influence of teachers in those early years to read Twain and Longfellow encouraged my love of words and their usage. My educational journey culminated in the completion of my doctoral capstone in 2017 in Reading & Literacy.  Let me assist you in completing your goals.

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